The Art of Living

The Divine Spritual Life

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A luxurious material life and an intellectual mind cannot give us eternal happiness, we also need a divine spiritual life in order to have a balanced, rich, happy, and blessed life. We need to have heavenly and worldly lives.

A divine spiritual life is beyond the sensory organs of eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and body. A divine spiritual life of Maitreya disciples is built from koushou and repentance.

Conscience koushou and conscience repentance are not a fixed form of Buddha Etiquettes. It is the best way to express and practice the Heavenly Three Treasures, The boundless dharma of Heavenly Decree and the Heart Dharma of Heavenly Decree in daily life.

With koushou we remind ourselves of our Buddha Nature / True Self. With a pure heart we embrace Lao Mu (the Heavenly Mother) or Mother Nature, like the mind of a small child that is so pure, innocent and without worldly attachments. Only in this manner are we able to meet Lao Mu the Heavenly Mother.

Koushou and repentance help us purify our mind. We need to purify and clean our mind thoroughly, and continuously. We need the guidance of Lao Mu and Buddha to complete it. Our personal efforts and sincerity only are not enough, we need the help from Heaven to get close to Lao Mu and Tri-Buddha, and the thousands of Buddhas and Bodhisatvas. This is the way to achieve a stage of heavenly united mind and body.

To have a divine spiritual life, we don’t need to leave behind our worldly life. Firstly, we need to hold on to our heavenly heart which is our conscience. Let our truthful conscience guide our eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind so that we are able to live in this world without attachments. If we can see things from Heaven’s stage, we will realise that this whole world is one big family. It is how we can extend and deliver unlimited loving-kindness and compassion to all beings.