The Compassionate Way of Living

The three principles in life


The Three Beautiful Principles of Enthusiasm

  1. Enthusiastic at work – Enjoy the beauty of living by your enthusiasm to serve selflessly.
  2. Enthusiastic at helping others – Helping others with patience, kindness and perseverance is a way to build happiness in life.
  3. Loving Life – Love and cherish life; live with a positive and cheerful attitude; see the beauty in own self, others and the world.

The Three Beautiful Principles of Serenity

  1. Peaceful Heart that is at ease – A truly civilized person would speak, act and serve with a pure heart. In return it brings peace to himself and others.
  2. Inner Peace – A wise and compassionate person keeps personal feelings and emotions in balance in order to embrace inner peace.
  3. Inner Happiness – having a balanced body, mind and spiritual life. Turn inward, looking within for inner happiness. May more and more people enjoy the bliss of happiness

The Three Beautiful Principles of Simplicity

  1. Simplicity of Mind – Let the mind be at a state of divine equanimity, let our body and mind start afresh, with a child-like heart revealing the beauty of happiness, joy and cheerfulness.
  2. Simple Actions- Live the inner and the outer selves as one, walk the talk, be honest and sincere, easy to get along with , caring for all creatures, live with high moral standards, and being agreeable to everyone.
  3. Simple Living – Live a simple life with modest necessities but nurtured with love, compassion and based on conscience; to reveal the beauty of being simple, humble and natural.

The Three Beautiful Principles of Social Interactions

  1. Universal Courtesy – Learning to live together harmoniously with people and mother Earth. Respects the sanctity of all life forms.
  2. Social Etiquette - Practice Ten Global Sharing of existence, honour, richness, joy, serenity, awakening, achievement, prosperity, ownership and success.
  3. Public Social Order – Maintain the peace and harmony of shared space and the surrounding environment.