About our values

AuGuang Maitreya

AuGuang Maitreya is a conscience cultivation centre that based on the cultivation method and teachings of Maitreya Buddha. The name Maitreya (彌勒) is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Maitri’ meaning benevolent (). Buddha is one who is awakened, who has achieved complete enlightenment. Other names of Maitreya Buddha are Happy Buddha, Laughing Buddha and Lucky Buddha.

The goal

Universal Family.

The aim

To develop the compassionate concept of Maitreya Buddha:

彌勒佛的風範德行 Maitreya Buddha’s Virtues

  • 慈心滿懷 Benevolent Mind
  • 慈容滿面 Benevolent Smile
  • 慈行遍處 Benevolent Action

修行法 Conscience cultivator’s actions

  • 抱彌勒心 Embrace the compassionate heart of Maitreya
  • 展彌勒顏 Show the smile of Maitreya
  • 行彌勒行 Practice the teachings of Maitreya
  • 講彌勒話 Speak the words of Maitreya

We welcome all to join our Wisdom Learning or Dharma sessions to foster our personal growth and reach the optimal well-being of healthy mind, body and soul and to understand the highest level of happiness known as the Conscience Happiness. Please email us on admin@auguang.info for further details of the Dharma sessions.